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AAlthough stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) looks like an average green plant, it is an exciting choice for the herb garden because of the natural, calorie-free sweetness found in its leaves. Appreciated by diabetics and dieters, stevia is a tender perennial that loves the warm sun and dies back in a freeze. However, in zones 9 and warmer, the roots usually survive the winter and will come back in the spring. It can overwinter in zone 8, too, with protection. Gardeners in frost-free areas enjoy growing stevia year-round, allowing it to grow into a small shrub. However, vigor declines after the second year, so if you want to harvest the maximum amount of foliage, it pays to replant.

If you garden in containers, give your stevia plant at least a 12-inch pot with a quality potting mix. Place it in full sun, and water whenever the top inch of potting soil feels dry.

Stevia is an attractive herbaceous plant that belongs to the sunflower family. Native to South America, stevia is often known as “sweetleaf” for its intensely sweet leaves, used to flavor teas and other beverages for centuries. In recent years stevia has become popular in the United States, valued for its ability to sweeten food naturally without raising blood sugar or adding calories. Growing stevia isn’t difficult, but overwintering stevia plants can present challenges, especially in northern climates

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